ACET Education Scholarship

ACET Education Scholarship

International students can avail of a range of scholarships in Australia. The country is dotted with excellent universities that are constantly rising in world rankings, making it one of the most sought-after destinations for students the world over. A vast number of scholarships are available for aspirants who are always seeking value for money. Scholarships are available at Undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels and are fundamentally classified as government-offered and those presented by private institutions. Equal opportunity is provided by the Australian government to exceptional students through its scholarship programs that also promote developmental education.

Australian Award Scholarship

The highly prestigious AAS or Australian Award Scholarship is a government-funded grant offered to students from developing countries who want to return home and contribute to their home country’s growth. Preference is given to students who display leadership qualities and a passion to drive change.

ASEAN Scholarships

The government gives this international scholarship to students from ASEAN member states and Timor-Leste to help them pursue their master’s degrees. The ASEAN outlook defines four priority areas in the Indo-Pacific: connectivity, economic development, maritime, and sustainable goals in 2030.

RTP or Australian Government Research Training Program​

The RTP supports both international and domestic students. It is offered at research masters and research doctorate levels. Students can also apply for this through participating universities.

Education Provider Scholarships

The scholarship is offered to qualifying international students and is primarily based on academic merit. A course search tool is available at ?, where you can access the details about the program. Alternatively, it is recommended that you contact the admissions team directly.