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Our IELTS/PTE Facilitators

Balinder Nain

PTE Trainer

Balinder Nain, “Bali,” a respected PTE-Academic expert in Darwin, Australia, has led Top-End PTE since 2017, consistently guiding students to achieve perfect scores. Now, in partnership with ACET Migration Service, Top-End PTE is even more formidable. Bali’s team offers the necessary tools and expertise to ensure your success. With a rich history of empowering students to excel in language proficiency and migration services, Bali’s reputation as a leading authority in the field is further solidified. If you seek language proficiency excellence and a brighter future through migration or education opportunities, Bali and ACET Migration Service provide a dependable path forward.

Anu Thomas Anthraper

Cambridge CELTA Certified IELTS, PTE, and SAT Trainer

Anu Thomas Anthraper is a distinguished IELTS, PTE, and SAT Trainer with over 8 years of comprehensive teaching experience. Anu holds a Master’s degree in English Language and Literature and is certified in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Additionally, she has earned the prestigious Cambridge CELTA certification from the British Council, Delhi.

Anu excels in empowering students to achieve their highest potential in language exams. Her deep understanding of language acquisition, strategic teaching, and innovative methods ensure tailored guidance and high success rates. Anu’s commitment to excellence and passion for teaching make her a highly sought-after language proficiency trainer.